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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Inevitable -- Christmas Shopping

It was a nice day, so at noon I suggested to husband that we go Christmas Shopping. Tomorrow it's going to rain, and I don't like shopping in the rain. He was amenable -- his mouth was full.

So we went down to Pigeon Forge to a store that is always well stocked and the prices are Half! That's right. Half! Well we picked out sweaters for daughter and granddaughter, a hooded sweatshirt for grandson, etc. for our sons and almost-son-in-law.

Then I declared us finished.

"What about you?" husband asked.

"I refuse to pick out my own Christmas present again this year," I declared.

You should have seen his face. Horror struck! After 42 -- count them -- years of marriage, I made my stand.

"What about me?" he asked.

"I got your present last week," I said, turning resolutely toward the check out.

Six nice gifts for $87.60 is not a bad deal. The look on husband's face -- priceless!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Chilly Season

It's December, which doesn't have much to recommend it, except for parties, holidays and presents. But the theory is that all those fringe benefits were created by man to help us get through the earlier twilights and raw winds. It sort of lulls us through this Winter Solstice thing and pushes us into January which -- let's face it -- is generally the pits.

So Christmas is coming. Am I the only one who thinks that someone steals a couple of days every year and makes the day come closer and closer? I know that the days count the same, but there is something wrong there, somewhere.

I had only one "little girl" dress to make for the nearby elementary school -- I was disappointed that they didn't need more. I have a simple pattern that doesn't need a lot of fancy stuff, and with my Janome sewing machine, I can zip a dress up in a day with a minimum of hand work on it. Then I send it off to some little girl whom I will never see, but it gives me a good feeling.

A friend recommended that I salve my feelings by making doll dresses. I guess it's a good idea. I can pour all my creativity into smaller dimensions. Almost everybody in the world has quilts now -- and I still stuck with all this fabric.