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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Menu of Last Resort

I've been working hard getting a book written -- because I have two more to write, and with other things happening -- like writing and sewing and Christmas -- well, some things had to slide.

In addition to keeping up my blog (sorry, friends), I have let other things slide -- like cooking.

Husband and Son know when I'm harried, I make macaroni and cheese. Not out of a box, but "The Hard Way," grating the cheese, boiling the macaroni, baking it for half an hour.

I didn't realize I'd made such an impression until yesterday. Son blogged about my mac and cheese. Someone asked for my recipe.

Okay, I'll take any appreciation I can get, but I'd rather it be for my writing -- or sewing -- or gardening -- than my cooking.

I just hope he doesn't start bragging about my dusting!