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Friday, September 04, 2009

I'm looking at today's date and thinking: "Only two weeks!" Two weeks from today THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE will be released from Awe-Struck e-Books. What a thrill it is to see a book for the first time. This is #13! (And my father said I'd never be a writer!) Hitting the "unlucky number" must be lucky. But if I live long enough to see a twentieth or fiftieth book, it will still be a thrill, an accomplishment, a victory.

When I first began using a computer to write, someone suggested that I could have a format for a book, then just changes the names of the characters, the places, the little things like that, and sell the book again. All true writers cringe at the thought. We agonize over every twist and turn, every word.

And we care about every reader who drops by our blog, or FaceBook, or wherever they encounter us and says: "Read it! Loved it!" The's what makes us sit down and write the next one.