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Monday, April 14, 2008


I generally try to keep this blog on a cheerful note, but something happened today that got me started off on the wrong foot.

Every single fresh post in my inbox was SPAM! The kind that a writer of sweet romances doesn't want, doesn't like -- and can't use, if you know what I mean. I'm tempted to throw one of my gypsy curses on the lot of the perpetrators, whether they have ever sent me a spam or not.

Now, my ability to cast curses may not extend to transmitting them electronicly, but I did one once that got immediate results.

The teenaged boys who lived next to us in one place were nasty -- shouted insults at us, left a dead possum in our yard, etc. One evening I was out in the yard with my children and they drove by, being their usual vocal selves. I, to my shame, let out my frustration. I don't remember the wording -- but that car came back on the end of a tow-rope and never moved on its own power again.

I sure would like something similar to happen to spammers -- but something as powerful as that curse, well, it's just not advisable to let it loose indiscriminately.