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Friday, November 13, 2009

Reviews and Me

Back when I was first published, series romances books weren't reviewed very often. I didn't think much about reviews -- I was too busy writing. Established authors were reviewed in Publishers' Weekly and that was about it.

I had one book, Come Home to Love, reviewed in Publishers' Weekly -- a really great review compared to the recommendations the other romances in that magazine got.

Along came Romantic Times and things changed. Now everybody reviews or gets reviewed. We get stars or hearts or something. Well, today I heard of a better-than-average review Cricket's Moon got. I'm happy!

See, I don't ever expect to be better than average in anything I do, but above average is good in my eyes.

I'm working on the third book in the series where Cricket is the trial balloon. The reviewer got the humor, liked the people, maybe enjoyed the book. So when I go back to work on Cleome's Garden, I'll keep those thoughts in mind and try not to disappoint. But then, I don't write to get good reviews -- I write to entertain readers -- and myself.