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Friday, September 29, 2006

Leeper's 3, Wal-Mart 1 -- and losing

I must confess to be in a grouchy patch. It's worse than just a mood. A mood disappears when you get yourself a bowl of ice cream. I'm turning into an Andy Rooney grump-alike.

Don't get me started on Wal-Mart! Okay, I did it to myself, so I'm going to explain. Here in Jefferson City, TN, we have one of those Wal-Marts that moved in and drew a lot of business away from the locals. There are empty storefronts and places that used to be something else everywhere.

The last two months or so, we've been suffering through a remodel. The store was supposed to get better. It didn't! The aisles are wider, because they cut out the things they didn't sell a lot of. One department that used to sustain the store in bad times -- the crafts, fabrics and housewares -- was drastically cut, after spending a sojourn in a text out back. So much has been moved, the shopper is disoriented.

Monday, we went to get a few things, only one of which we found, and that after walking from one end to the other. Just as I was about to tell my husband how disappointed I was with the shopping trip, another woman trudged by grumbling, "I hate this store! I can't find anything!" We nodded to her in silent agreement.

Luckily there is one store where we can get many things we need that didn't go out of business when Wal-Mart moved in, even though the original Jefferson City Wal-Mart was practically across the street from them. Wal-Mart moved, they didn't. The upgraded and spread out a bit, but when you go in, they don't just say "hello," they joke around with you. The clerks know you by name, or at least know your face. They go with you and go through the stock to find what you need.

We went to Wal-Mart once this week -- We've been to Leeper's Hardware three times in four days. They know we'll be back. Wal-Mart doesn't seem to care...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

News Turns Me Off

At times in my life, I've been a "news-junkie" sitting in front of the "tube" and soaking it all in. I saw the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald on the screen as it happened. I saw the collapse of the World Trade Center Tower on the screen as it happened because I was bored waiting for my husband to get ready to go shopping.

But lately I've been giving the network news a pass. Why? Because CBS is my favorite network for news and I can't stand Katy Couric. I don't need a fashion show with my news. I don't need cute or personal. It seems to me we're not getting as much news since she has been in charge -- there isn't enough time for it.

So I've switched to watching some of the PBS news. Sure there are women on PBS, but they wear their intelligence more easily. When they say they are reporting in depth, it is in depth.

When I want to be entertained, handsome men and pretty women are acceptable. But when I want my news, I want maturity and intelligence to show. That might mean bald heads, double chins and a few wrinkles. Maybe even glasses. Gravitas!

Katy Couric doesn't have it!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

We All Have Our Hang-ups!

In the last twenty-four hours, I've had four soliciting phone calls. I didn't let two of them get far enough to tell me what they were pushing.

We're on the Tennessee "No-Call" list but the people who made the laws allow companies and organizations we have a "relationship" with call us with impunity. They shouldn't.

I know the people who do the actual calling are just working for a living, but I think they should be able to find better jobs.

I don't want the telephone company calling to push bundled services -- if I need anything more, I'll ask.

I don't want to give money to organizations that are spending up to 95 percent of what they collect for the solicitors and highly-paid supervision.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking it any more!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Why Don't I....?

A reader of this blog sort of got on my case for not telling my readers how they could get an autographed copy of BUILDING PASSION. After all, I have a box of 48 of them sitting on the floor here beside my computer, right where I can easily trip on them when I answer the phone.

So -- the next 47 or so people who send a check for $11.50 (that is cost of book and postage) to:

Jane Bierce, 658 W. Dumplin Valley Rd, Jefferson City, TN, 37760

will get an autographed copy of BUILDING PASSION. Let me know if you are a quilter, and I'll include a 6.5 inch square piece of fabric for your stash.

Okay, so you're wondering why I have 48 books if I only intend on getting rid of 47? One is going to the library of Edinboro Univerity of PA, along with copies of all my other books. Don't hesitate to order -- if I run out, I can order more!

If you'd rather read electronically, ALL my books are listed on!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Rose Is a Rose. . .

We bought some roses this year, and one of them bloomed for the first time today. The bush had a burst of growth in the last month, due to a lot of rain, a lot of fertilizer -- and a lot of urging from me.

Today I was rewarded with a pale yellow bloom, many petals, the outer ones tinged at the edges with pale pink, and the glimpse of a center of stamens of gold. The stem is a sturdy, healthy green, and the leaves are glossy and perfect. I am in awe.

Those of you who are rose aficionados may recognize my description as being one of that most revered and fabled rose Peace. I won't go into its history, because my memory of it is flawed at best, but the rose alone is an inspiration in its beauty.

Fall is a wonderful time for roses. They seem to be more colorful when they are not pressed to bloom by the warmer temperatures of summer. They are taking their time, asking us to slow down and take a look at the latecomers, taking a mental snapshot of them to help us through the long winter ahead.