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Friday, August 28, 2009

Now for Something Special

I have another book coming out September 18. THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE was written for a contest Awe-Struck held last spring -- I'm fuzzy on the time-frame, as I am about more things these days. Once I've met a deadline, I move on.

THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE came from a few ideas I had floating in the back of my mind, and when I sat down to write, the characters popped up, assumed their places. Writers love this! We love to have characters sit on top of the monitor and tell us what to write.

The story starts on a Christmas morning, in the home of a family that owns a tool company.
A little girl who has been given a beautiful doll points out to one and all that the doll doesn't have enough clothes -- and focuses her complaints at her bachelor uncle.

By Valentine's Day, the search for doll clothes to appease his niece has turned his life and lives of several other people upside down -- for the better.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stopping to Take a Breath

The last six wweks have been a trial, both personally and professionally. I think I've survived.

On the Fourth of July, Husband's esophagus closed while we were eating dinner -- it is and old problem with him, dating back to late childhood, but this time it really was bad. He ending up in a hospital in Knoxville for three days as the VAH in Johnson City didn't have anyone available to take care of him over the holiday weekend. And now the VA doesn't want to pick up the tab even though my husband has "primary care" with them, and repeated treatments are indicated. Husband worked in VAHs for many years and this seems so doubly unfair.

Well, CRICKET'S MOON became available July 10th, but it was about a week until we agreed with the artists about the cover. It has a gorgeous cover. Now I am trying to put together promotional materials but have had trouble with my computer and printer -- and also along in here somewhere we had a service problem and I had to learn a whole new email system -- one I don't like! And two promotional services I had my eye on went out of business.

But CRICKET'S MOON got a good review from the one source that has come in.

THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE comes out September 18th and I am anxious to see the cover of that book.

The sequel to CRICKET'S MOON -- CASSIE'S FLAME -- is complete and has gone to the editor.

I'm hoping everything will calm down in the next little while, and that I'll be able to breathe again. I've got to say that I've gotten a lot of weeding done, but after seven years of draught, we have scads of rain this summer and those weeds have just been lying in wait!