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Friday, May 14, 2010

Time Passes!

There is no truer saying that "Time passes," and it does so so quickly that we barely notice.

The Bierce family has a great event tomorrow. Geneva Bierce-Wilson , our granddaughter, will ge graduated from Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, NC, tomorrow.

Geneva is a very accomplished young woman, and artist, a traveler and a really nice girl. She spent the second semester of her junior year in Belfast, getting a new perspective on art and life in general. Last spring she spent several days in Italy with other students, one highlight of the trip (at least, it would be for me!) was spending Easter in Rome.

Anyway, we see a bright future for her and wish her the best of luck.

Friday, May 07, 2010

The Search Is On!

Very early on in the history of my electronic writing career, I had a Rocket e-Book Reader, and I loved it! It had its limitations, but I coped. It lost its integrity several years ago and sits in its case on the bottom shelf on this computer desk, a museum piece, still loved but a better doorstop than an e-book decoder.

Yesterday I went looking for a replacement, money in my purse to buy one. My son Stephen and I looked first at the I-Pad. Interesting, but expensive, and I would need to have my computer upgraded to accomodate it. So we kept looking.

At a Best Buy store, we saw three e-books in a display. The one that Stephen was most impressed with was the Nook -- it has a second screen that allows searching for other text, looking up a word or checking a fact -- without leaving the material being shown on the main screen. Now, for a writer, this could be neat! And -- it's a little over half the price of the I-Pad -- and when you figure in salestax -- I don't have Scots lineage in my background for nothing!

I haven't plunked down my money yet. I need to consult my computer guy about upgrades, and I may look into other devices. But as a writer and a reader, I need one of these things!