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Friday, April 20, 2007

An Embarrassment of Riches

My daughter has friends who are having triplets within the next month or so. Since I love to quilt, she has asked me to make three coordinating quilts for the boys -- yes, three boys. ( I don't even want to think about it, but Lanette on Desperate Housewives comes to mind.)

The pattern decided on is Snail Trail -- it's easy and allows for some neat creativity. I've decided on "guy" colors, greens through blues, and the concept has evolved into stylized landscapes.

I ordered some fabric I'd seen at a quilt show. It's pricey, hand-dyed fabric and I was happy to order it. But it took a long time coming, so -- compulsive worrier that I am -- I decided I had better go to the local quilt shop and get some batiks to make the quilts with, just in case. After all, babies come on their own schedule, even with the help needed for triplets! (Three! Boggles the mind.)

Then yesterday, the hand-dyes arrived! I didn't open the box. Do you REALIZE what strength of character that took? I was prepared to send them back, apologize for being such a problem to the vendor, and at least pay for their shipping. But Husband said I should keep them, bless his soul. And I agreed. I'd started cutting the batiks last night and realized that even though I had calculated enough surface to make the quilts, I might not have enough when one allows for necessary waste -- and operator error.

Quilting isn't for sissies!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Is It Spring Yet?

I don't much like this spring. I had lovely daffodils, crocuses and a few tulips -- not as many as I expected. My pink hyacinths were gorgeous enough to slow down the traffic passing the house. But the recent cold snap has ruined my irises, hostas and elephant ears. My rose bushes are pitiful with blasted leaves. The trees and bushes that has started to leaf out have reversed course.

We are expecting daytime temps in the 60's this week, but the nights are going to be chilly. I am not happy! I have seeds to plant, weeds to pull, limp, lifeless foliage to cut back -- plants to pray over. It's not something I can do when my fingers are cold and my teeth are chattering.

I'm already a year behind in my weeding, thanks to the attack of shingles I had last year. This weather is good for quilting and for writing, but it's lousy for gardening.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Challenge Met

Yes, I met the challenge of finishing quilts. I did six of them in February and March. I could have done another one, but I was just too tired!

I hope to do at least six this quarter, maybe more, but at this time of year I also have to garden. I have to make dresses for little girls, and I really should write something. Still, even if you don't get done as much as you want to, a finished quilt is an accomplishment. Growing enough flowers to make a nice bouquet gives a person a sense of satisfaction, even if you had to have help -- the kind of help that you can't influence. Sewing up dresses for little girls likewise warms the heart.

The real hard work is writing a book. I have rarely met a person who doesn't want to write -- something! I tell myself wonderful stories, but when the words hit the paper, they fall short of what I really want to convey. There are words that are so illusive that they defy hitting the paper -- or the computer screen -- with the same impact that the thought that formed them had promised.

I've had eleven books published, and I'm proud of all of them. But even years later, I find something -- a feeling, a bit of more extensive research, a revelation -- that would have improved the project so much had it come in a more timely manner. I can't let the sure knowledge that the book I want to work on now will be better if I put it off until next year. No, I have to write it now.

It's not that I hear "time's winged chariot" bearing down on me. It's just that -- well, the heroine and the hero are challenging me to get their story DONE! They want me to write it now.

But first I have to get groceries. . . .