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Friday, March 13, 2009

Standing Wienie Roast

Back when the kids were small (relatively), and I had to manage getting dinner around other things, one of the dishes they thought was special (sort of) and I thought was a great time saver was my Standing Wienie Roast.

I used a good sized Pyrex bowl (the curving sides was crucial to appearance) and doctored up a large can of baked beans with mustard, ketchup and brown sugar, then took hot dogs, cut them in half lengthwise and again in the middle, and inserted them in the bowl, flat side against the wall of the bowl, rounded end up, such a touch above the rim of the bowl. I put them in the over -- at about 300 for twenty minutes -- okay, I'm not real sure about that, but you get the idea.

At least that gave me time to get the rest of the dinner ready and maybe help with homework. Or make coleslaw.