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Friday, April 23, 2010

So Much For Writing!

It's too nice a day to stay in the house, and the computer is too big to take outside.

I've weeded the flower garden -- sort of. I dedicated my efforts to weeding the grass out, but there were some little forget-me-nots that volunteered to be inthe same place the grass was. Since it is almost impossibl to dig some places in the garden -- I swear it used to be a parking lot -- I transplanted them to the garden right outside the kitchen door.

Later, Husband and I went to one of our favorite stores -- Lowe's -- to get some things for the house and garden. Sweet man, he got me a new pair of pliers to pull up the maple seedlings. Then we went to our more favorite store to get my favorite weedkiller.

Now I'm going to work on my granddaughter's graduation (college!) quilt.

But I promise you, I'm working out writing problems in my mind. Next rainy day -- back to my book!

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Spring AGAIN!

I love to garden, and I have about an acre to play around with. (We have another acre, but it's hayfield and "rock garden", which after thirteen years here we are just debating what to do with it.)

Husband and I have differing ideas of the proper way to garden. I pull weeds -- he mows over them.

We have a little tradition between us -- the Discovery of the Day. The first daffodill, the first -- whatever. Well, this year, we had a relative whopper. We've planted a lot of trees that Husband can't resist ordering. Some have grown. Well, he planted one hapless little twig near what I call my "driveway" garden about five years ago. It just seemed to grow into a taller and taller leafy twig. Then last Saturday, I was resting on my rake to catch a breath and looked at the thing. On the tops of the long upward-reaching branches, there were little reddish buds!

The next day, a few opened into pale pink blossoms, and now those parts of the tree are covered with white blossoms, so thick they look as though there are no leaves with them.

This qualifies as a Discovery of the Year -- and a lesson. Don't give up on something that is still healthy and green!

What is your Discovery of the Day today?

Friday, April 09, 2010

Remember Me?

Whew! I've finally found a break in my writing schedule and have won a password battle with Google so I can come back here to blog!

My big news is that CRICKET'S MOON and THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE are available just about anywhere e-books are sold. I wish they were in print also, but that may come in due time if enough e-copies are sold.

I've invited several romance authors to stop by here to tell you about their books in reciprocation for their invitations to visit their blogs. I'm excited about this. You might find a new author you hadn't heard of before.

Spring has arrived with a vengence in Tennessee. We're past daffodils and hyacinths, into tulips, redbuds and almost into dogwood. Wish I could send you some of the sunshine -- I just hope you have your own.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

New Review For That Special Someone!

Well, isn't that lovely! I don't care about getting so many hearts or cups of coffee -- whatever. I care about the reviewer understanding what I was trying to convey in my book.

And I love secondary characters who are a little quirky when I need them to be. In THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE the hero and heroine have older brothers who met on a high school football field -- met being a bit mild for the incident -- and have never forgotten it. It's not a big thing in the story, just something that a reader may find amusing.

A comment I had from a reader or reviewer was that the setting was unusual. I never say what city the story happened in. It's afairly large industrial city with a university, a bus system and problems with their ancient sewer and water systems. The weather in winter can be brutal. I use all these ideas, hoping readers might think they know where it's set, the people and the issues.

Writing is fun -- if it weren't, I wouldn't do it.