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Friday, November 07, 2008

This is a Busy Time

My years always seem to start playing Crack-the-Whip when we reach November. Holidays and birthdays run into each other, the weather gets frantic and people start acting funny. For instance, Husband got a package UPS today and wouldn't let me look inside it. He handed me the catalog on top to divert me -- then he showed me things that were in the box that weren't for me. He asked Son if he wanted his birthday present. Then he took the bbox and HID IT!


Yesterday the sun was warm, not a cloud in the sky -- and the trees were beautiful, all colors against a blue sky. Today it's colder, cloudier, windier -- I'm not ready for it. The furnace kicks on more often.

I'm trying to write a book -- about 20,000 words to go. That might seem a lot to a non-writer, but to me -- well, I could finish it by the end of the month if I can just string all my ideas together. So I have to get my mind off the holidays and birthdays, the weather, the furnace -- all those distractions -- and get to work. Winter is on the way.