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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Alert for all WRITERS!

I was listening to the radio the other day and heard something disturbing that I thought my fellow writers need to know about.

People who sit still for long periods of time -- this sounds like every writer I know! -- need to get up and move around about every hour. I believe this. Why? Because one of the dangers we are courting by sitting for hours after hour is colorectal cancer.

In August of last year I went through surgery for this monster! It is a life-changing event. Now fourteen months later I have come to terms with the changes it brought and am back to writing, not just copying and editing old work. One of the least of my problems is dealing with loss of memory that I blame on having four instances of general anesthia.

The onset of colorectal cancer can easily be dismised as hemeroids -- the o.t.c. remedies actually work to mask the problem. But if you have the symptoms, it's best to go through the colonoscopy to identify the real problem.

Recovery takes patience and good backup caregivers. My husband, children and the members of the my church have been very supportive.

So, here is my advice: Get a one-hour timer  and set it for 55 minutes before you start to write. When it sounds, get up and move for five minutes (be honest!) before you go back to work. Walk, go outside and check out your neighborhood. MOVE!  (I'm starting to take yoga lessons but anything will help.)

Fight the monster BEFORE he shows up.