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Friday, July 30, 2010

Tomatoes In My Life These Days


Well, it's like this. There is a long-distance truck driver who lives across the street. He takes products of Tennessee and surrounding states out to Arizona and California, and generally brings produce back.

His last trip, he brought tomatoes -- gorgeous field-ripened guys in plastic bags, about 8 or 10 to a bag, and he gave Ken about 14 bags. Well, this is farm country, but not everyone still has tomatoes -- ours have pretty much given out because of the HOT DRY weather! So Ken just started going to the people we know in the neighborhood and giving them away (after he put some in our fridge, of course). He had some to bring back home and has been fretting about using them up -- he hates to throw anything away.

A few minutes ago, we got home from Knoxville and there was a message on the answering machine -- one of the happy recipients wanted MORE so she could make spaghetti sauce. So EVERYBODY is now happy!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Ugly Blob Has Got to Go!

This is a bad time of the year to get sick, especially if it's something serious. My primary doctor was on vacation this past week, one doctor is going out to town next week and the other -- well, I just don't know yet.

But the doctor whom I saw this week called me last night with the news I didn't want to know -- the problem is cancer. He just doesn't know if he has located all of it or not. I'm pulling for it to be. I think it is -- and I believe in being positive.

I've lost relatives and friends to cancer, and Husband is a sixth-year survivor of his problem. Treatment is not as primative as it as been in years gone by. For that I am thankful!


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

And Then There Are Days . . .

. . .that don't turn out so well. It's been a hard summer so far, and it seems like it might have started a while ago. I've had some bleeding now and again, but it got more frequent. So I went to my doctor and she got a worried look on her face.

I found out why when I had a colonoscopy today. It didn't turn out so well, but not terribly bad -- I don't think.

But I want to talk to you about -- well, you. I dread -- well, anything having to do with going to doctors, taking medicine, having tests -- 'cause I'm not a fan of doctors. But I've had to put bad experiences behind me. So if you're putting something off, bite the bullet and do it. You owe it to those who love you. There are places to get support, and I found that the people who took care of me today were sympathetic, informative and supportive.

Okay, if you needed a push in the right direction, you've got it.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Leave of Absence

I think I'm taking some time off from writing -- and computing -- and whatever I can dump for awhile. I'm not feeling well, and it's semi-serious. Don't worry -- I've actually consulted a health professional and doing something about it.

But -- it's summer. Here in Tennessee it much too hot to do much of anything but make more iced tea!

The problem is, I have a hero of a story telling me what he wants to do in my much-delayed project. That's the kind of help I like to have, but not having access to my computer it frustrating.

Sigh. . .I'm going to go make more tea!

Y'all have a nice summer. See you in a couple of weeks!