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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


The saga of THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE is finally over!

Over a year ago, Kathryn Struck, the co-owner of Awe-Struck eBook at that time, announced that she was holding a contest for books under 60K words. I promptly pulled an idea out of hte back of my mind into the frontal lobes and worked my fingers to the bone getting it in on time. I was pleased that my project was among the books that were promised publication.

Then I sort of forgot about it, because Awe-Struck was sold to Mundania last summer, and I was on to other things.

The new management brought out CRICKET'S MOON in July, and scheduled THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE for two months later. All right, I thought, but the schedule slipped a little. That's not a bad thing -- it just happens when one publisher takes over another's processes. If you haven't caught up to Cricket yet, go to

Even so, I was shocked when I found out yesterday that THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE came out the night before. It's a Christmas/Valentine's Day story, about two family's actually. You know me, I write sweet romances -- you know there is a happy ever after, but the path might not be a straight line.

So, go to and admire the cover, read the first chapter, and maybe buy the ebook. The book should be out in print next year, too!