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Friday, January 08, 2010

Cricket's cover a winner!

Every Friday, I'm supposed to write a new blog entry. I usually don't remember it until Tuesday. Somehow, today is Friday and I'm writing a blog. Go figure!

Anyway, I need to tell everyone who reads my blog that the cover of CRICKET'S MOON won a cover contest on the Electronically Published Internet Connection site. About the only input I had on the cover was to point out that the first cover's figure was wrong for that particular book, but would be terrific for the last book in the series.

Well, I'm very proud for Jax Crane who won the award, and I hope I'll have the same artist for CASSIE'S FLAME and CLEOME'S GARDEN. Cassie is done and out of my hands at the moment, and Cleome is about 15,000 words from completion. I've got the whole thing thought our, and will be wrapping up the Hazlett Series with it. Another character wanted me to write her story, but I had to be firm with her. Hate to do it, but. . .

So if you need a good book that might whisk you off to nice, toasty Florida -- CRICKET'S MOON might be the answer.

If you don't mind cold toes and a warm romance, check out THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE. Go to